5. Plotting and tools

5.1. Plotting

The output described in “Output files” can be visualized with any plotting tool at the user’s preference. Ncview (http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~pierce/ncview_home_page.html) is a very nice browser for NetCDF files to get a quick and easy look. For more sophisticated plots, one possibility is to use MATLAB, which has an extensive library for NetCDF files. For instance, the following script plots the final surface topography of the Greenland simulation repo_grl16_bm5_ss25ka (credit: Mathieu Morlighem, University of California Irvine).

filename = 'repo_grl16_bm5_ss25ka0003.nc';
x = ncread(filename,'x');
y = ncread(filename,'y');
surf = ncread(filename,'zs');
% Display surface elevation
%    (transposition needed because MATLAB is column-oriented)
imagesc(x*1e-3,y*1e-3,surf'); axis xy equal; caxis([0 3200]); colorbar

5.2. Make ISMIP output

Fortran program (located in tools/make_ismip_output) that generates ISMIP6 output from the NetCDF time-slice files produced by SICOPOLIS (see “Output files”). For simulation <run_name>, to be executed from the directory tools by

./tools.sh -p make_ismip_output -m <run_name>

To list further options, execute ./tools.sh -h.

5.3. Resolution doubler

Fortran program (located in tools/resolution_doubler) that doubles the horizontal resolution of a NetCDF time-slice output file produced by SICOPOLIS (see “Output files”). For simulation <run_name>, to be executed from the directory tools by

./tools.sh -p resolution_doubler -m <run_name>

To list further options, execute ./tools.sh -h.

For example, run repo_grl10_b2_paleo21 (10 km resolution) requires the resolution-doubled output of run repo_grl20_b2_paleo21 (20 km resolution) for \(t=-9\,\mathrm{ka}\) as initial condition. In order to create it, execute the resolution doubler for run repo_grl20_b2_paleo21 (i.e., with the option -m repo_grl20_b2_paleo21) and enter

Number of time-slice file (with leading zeros, 4 digits) >

This will convert the original time-slice file repo_grl20_b2_paleo210004.nc to the resolution-doubled file repo_grl20_b2_paleo21_dbl_0004.nc that serves as initial conditions for run repo_grl10_b2_paleo21.